Our Team

Most construction and contracting companies can talk about their team of experts and years of experience. What makes Gulf Steam different is that our team, while experienced professionals in their own right, understands the big picture and knows there’s more to a project than the materials used to complete it.

Primary Contact:

Matt Blackwood  //  Vice President


Mark Hylton, P.E.  //  Executive Vice President

Ken Holseberg, P.E.  //  President

Robert Williamson  //  Chief Estimator

Christie Reidenbach  //  Estimator

Morgan Ayers  //  Estimator

Ryan Skovira  //  Estimator

Jordan Bryngleson  // Estimator

Rob Herman  //  Safety Manager

Matt Arrants, P.E.  //  Senior Project Manager

Harmon Todd, P.E.  //  Project Manager

Cam Cooper  //  Project Manager

Justin Ballard  //  Project Manager

Ike Boatwright, P.E.  //  Project Manager

Robert Beasley  //  Project Manager

Bryan Duff  //  Project Engineer

David Cooper  //  Project Engineer